“August is going to be a busy month and I can’t quite go into all of the details just yet…

…announcements about new tanks, new events, new updates and new patches, as well as other events and activities “

We can put two and two together here. Update 1.14 will be before August 16th. Frontline is such a big game mode and has had so many changes made to it, including being featured in the recent 1.14 Common Tests, so it makes sense for it to go live alongside the major update. I could be wrong, of course, but the Common Tests seem to be in the “ready” state.

“We’ve only got a few specials for you, due to some of the surprises coming at the end of the month”

This ought to be the T-34 L11 1941 Birthday tank, and hopefully some more genuine non-leaked surprises.

Top of the Tree August 5 through September 5

Soviet Medium K-91

General Maintenance – August 6 through August 9

Are your vehicles ready to fight under the burning summer sun? Make sure the air conditioner in your favourite tanks is working, and all the cooling systems are up to par with a special full of cool rewards.

Crew is Crucial – August 12 through August 16

While others are on vacation and slacking off by a pool, your crew is always ready for battle. Let’s show them how much we appreciate their determination with plenty of crew discounts and a nice XP boost.

Frontline Stage 1 – August 16 through August 23

Frontline, the exciting 30v30 game mode in World of Tanks, will return for a new season. Get ready for Stage 1 and check out the Frontline Guide for all the changes and rewards.

Double XP Weekend – August 20 through August 23

“Two is better than one” isn’t just a song by the American rock band “Boys Like Girls”; it is also the basis of this simple yet worthwhile new special. Roll out and earn more XP.

Top of the Tree August 20 through September 20

Japanese Heavy Type 5 Heavy

Clan Rivals Tournament – August 28 through August 29

Top clans fight out to decide who’s best. More than likely with Twitch drops.

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