Crew 2.0 Sandbox TL;DR

July 20 12:00 through July 26 05:00 UTC

It looks like Wargaming have listened and acted on player feedback…

Full details: Crew 2.0: Join the New Sandbox Test! (

Download the Sandbox Server: [click]


Key Points

0 Perk crews are now considered when converting crew

When you convert a crew you automatically get given the new skill/perk equivalent of what the crew previously had, ensuring no loss in combat effectiveness.
You can reset them and re-apply different skills for the first time for free

Sixth Sense, Triangulation (Arty Lamp) and Mentor free by default (Previously just Sixth Sense)
Mentor is now the commander’s bonus!

Max Skill Points increased from 75 to 80 to allow 8 fully trained skills
Cannot use Skill Books above level 80
Level 80 is equivalent of 5 fully trained skills/perks

You can now define the Instructor’s certification, bonus skills and nation before confirming the instructor. (Previously massively RNG based)
Unique crew (Sabaton / Offspring) assigned automatically

Less XP lost when retraining crew for free or credits

Sandbox Missions & Rewards

Missions: Play 2 battles in each class of vehicle (Medium, Heavy, Light, Tank Destroyer and SPG) and be among the top 12 players on your team by experience earned
Missions reset on day 2 and can be completed again
Restrictions: Once per account, Random battles only
Rewards: 5 Tokens per tank class. (25 per day, 50 Total)
Complete 4 of 5 Missions for a bonus 20 Tokens. (20 per day, 40 Total)
You can earn a Total of 90 Tokens

Dazzle 2D Style

(I will get a Truth In Sandbox album made once I have the style – I can’t find it on the WG website)


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