Common Test 1.14 TL;DR


Czech Heavy Tanks

Tier VII Vz. 44-1

Tier VIII TNH 105/1000

Tier IX TNH T Vz. 51

Tier X Vz 55

Topography Game Mode

New single-player game mode for new players to learn strategies for maps.

Tier VIII Tank Rebalances

T34 / T34 B Tier American Heavy

Dispersion during movement and on hull traverse: 0.25 (-0.03)
Dispersion on turret raverse: 0.16 (-0.06)
Engine power: 930 h.p. (+120)
Hull traverse speed: 24 deg/s (+6)
Turret traverse speed: 26 deg/s (+4)

AMX Chasseur de chars French Medium

Dispersion during movement and on hull traverse: 0.16 (-0.04)
Dispersion on turret traverse: 0.1 (-0.06)
Aiming time: 1.8s (-0.4)
Reverse speed: 23 km/h (+3)

M48A2 Räumpanzer German Medium

Reload time: 7s (-0.6)
Average DPM: 2051 HP (+156)
Dispersion at 100m: 0.4m (-0.02)
Aiming time: 1.7s (-0.2)
Durability: 1,500 HP (+50)

M46 Patton KR American Medium

Reload time: 7.4s (-0.7)
Average DPM: 1950 HP (+173)
Aiming time: 2.2s (-0.3)

T95E2 American Medium

Aiming time: 2s (-0.3)
Standard shell penetration: 190mm (+9)

59-Patton Chinese Medium

Dispersion on turret traverse: 0.1 (-0.02)
Aiming time: 1.9s (-0.4)
Engine power: 620 h.p. (+100)

The following tanks have had a +10mm penetration (now 196mm) increase for standard ammunition

KV-5 Soviet Heavy
IS-6 Soviet Heavy
112 Chinese Heavy
WZ-111 Chinese Heavy
T-34-3 Chinese Medium

SPG Campaign missions changed

Barely a change at all! WG have said they will continue to monitor and make changes where necessary.
Detailed changes [here]

Safe Haven map, previously called Japort

Features arty safe locations which are also perfect for hull-down tanks. Do WG even know the 279(e) exists?

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