Common Test 1.14 – Japort Map, Frontline and Czech Heavies, Ruinberg Changes and New Game mode

The Frontline game mode and Czech Heavies are in the game files for Common Test 1.14 – it looks like we’re going to be able to play them in this test, before 1.14’s release in August.


A new map called “Japort” has been added.

Filename: 127_japort.


Several “New” tanks have been added

They are all Frontline variants [read more here], but the Astron REX 105mm, an American Tier VIII Autoloader medium, has also been added.

Here are the Astron REX 150mm’s stats from the Supertest in May. Remember, these stats are likely to change / have already changed before the final version!


Ruinberg is getting a rebalance!

It looks like we’ll be able to play the new changes. Here’s the new minimap

Note that the cubby-hole in the centre of the map has been removed, and the village in the East has been moved around a little.

New 2D Styles

“Gamescom 2021” 2D Style – (Gamescom starts 25th August)

And “Tanker Day 2021” 2D Style

Battle Pass Season 6 2D Styles

Bootcamp overhaul

Update: Since publishing this post, WG have announced a new game mode: Topography. Bootcamp remains as it is. Read more about the new game mode [here].

It appears the Bootcamp is getting a major overhaul. Images for key strategic locations and strategies for different tank classes for several maps have been added, as well as new “tanks” that are called “xxxMapsTraining_Dummy”, where xxx is the actual name of the tank.

There’s some hocus-pocus going on with the overlays on the Minimap (assuming that’s where they will go), which is why I have just included the separate overlay files for each album. However, I did overlay one of the Ruinberg ones, which you can see below. It’s not perfect, but you’ll get the general idea of how it’ll look.

El Hallouf






Mannerheim Line


Mountain Pass




Sand River




That’s all for now, I’ll post more if there’s anything else I find.

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