Frontline 2021 TL;DR

Stage 1 August 16, 04:00 UTC – August 23, 01:00 UTC



Stage 1August 16, 04:00 UTCAugust 23, 01:00 UTC
Stage 2SeptemberSeptember
Stage 3OctoberOctober
Stage 4NovemberNovember

Earn Battle Pass Points…


…and directives

220Vent Purge (x5)
320Vent Purge (x5)
420Vent Purge (x5)
520Exhaust Insulation (x15)
620Stabilizer Greasing (x5)
720Stabilizer Greasing (x5)
820Stabilizer Greasing (x5)
920Stabilizer Greasing (x5)
1020Fuel Filter Replacement (x15)
1120Orderly Ammo Rack (x5)
1220Orderly Ammo Rack (x5)
1320Orderly Ammo Rack (x5)
1420Orderly Ammo Rack (x5)
1520Aim Tuning (x15)

That’s 280 Battle Pass Points when you reach Tier 15

Tier IX Vehicles

All players go into battle in Tier VIII. When the attacking team captures at least one base on the second line, Tier IX vehicles become available to all participants.

Combat Reserves Reworked

Attack Reserves

Airstrike and Artillery Strike – same as in Skirmishes.
Minefield (New). Once activated, you can plant mines that will not only inflict damage upon but also stun your opponents.

Recon Reserves

Smoke Screen – previously improved concealment while limiting view ranges of all tanks inside; now increases concealment for allies, without imposing view range penalty and decreases enemy view range, without an increasing concealment.

Recon Flight – Unchanged, can also detect Minefields

Sentinel – When stationary, grants bonus to concealment and benefits of a Commanders Vision System.

Tactical Reserves

Inspire – significantly higher bonus to your crew’s performance vs allies (which is +15%)

Engineering – no longer restores HP at Resupply Circle. Now gives 50-80% bonus to base capture speed and 30-50% bonus to resupply speed. Interrupts base capture when defending.

Field Repairs – instantly restores significant percentage of a vehicle’s HP and continues to restore at a lower rate for a few seconds.

Rental Tanks

Tier VIII rental tanks (available for 240,000 credits)


VIII T-44 FL  

VIII Ferdinand  

Tier IX rental tanks (available for 320,000 credits)

IX E 50

IX T-54  

IX AMX M4 mle. 51  

IX WZ-111 model 1-4  

IX T30  

IX  Jagdtiger  

IX Strv 103-0  

Two more Tier IX rental vehicles, the M46 Patton and the Conqueror, can be obtained for free by achieving the second and fifth Frontline Tiers, respectively. All rental tanks are replicas of existing vehicles, with the same characteristics and properties.

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