Recon Mission could be pushed back to 1.14

In yesterday’s Working as Intended, CabMech confirmed that Recon Mission is still being fixed and could potentially be pushed back to Update 1.14.

Timestamp 39:25

“It’s looking like it might get pushed back to 1.14, that’s not decided, it’s just they’re still working on fixing it and getting it running properly”

There’s no ETA for Update 1.14, but we could expect to see it mid September with the launch of Battle Pass Season 6, as we did with Update 1.13 and Season 5. 1.14 is likely to include Crew 2.0, which had a very mixed reception. I personally liked certain aspects of it, such as 6th Sense for all crew, and the ability to train the same crew into multiple tanks. This could pose an issue to veteran players with multiple trained crew – a crew trade-in option would be great, where we could exchange crew for crew books, but it’s unlikely WarGaming will provide this.

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