Wargaming are considering changing Campaign missions + no ETA for Recon Mode

In yesterday’s Working as Intended (Episode 94) CabMech, a Wargaming employee, confirmed they are having internal discussions regarding changing Campaign missions post Update 1.13.

(Timestamp 37:30)

This is good news, because the SPG missions are now nigh impossible to complete and other missions, such as dealing X amount of damage to Tank Destroyers require the matchmaker to roll in your favour before you even get the chance to attempt the mission. In my opinion the missions should not be down to skill and chance, and should be possible to be completed in a majority of played games.

CabMech also discusses with TragicLoss about the possibility of limiting the amount of Light Tanks and Tank Destroyers, as well as only pairing EBR’s against other EBR’s. He later admits he thinks more should be done to prevent unbalanced gameplay, but whether we’ll see any improvements any time soon is another kettle of fish.

CabMech confirmed that there is no easy fix for Recon Mode and it is likely to take some time until we are able to play the game mode again. Hopefully Wargaming will take this time to further improve the game mode and even act on some of the feedback they would already have received from EU and RU from the in-game surveys.

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