[TL;DR] Recon Mission

Recon Mission Stage 1

July 5, 11:00 through July 16, 11:59 UTC

Recon Mission: Explore New Maps and Earn Rewards! (worldoftanks.eu)

Tier VIII – X

3 new maps each stage (3 stages total)

Share opinions via in-game questionnaire after 6 battles on a new map

Vote for your favourite map after 20 battles in game mode



Outpost (Originally Last Frontier)
Far East (Originally Dalny)
Airshipyard (Originally GrafZeppelin)




5 3 Personal Reserves: +50% to Combat XP for 1 hour
10 3 Personal Reserves: +300% to Crew XP for 1 hour
15 3 Personal Reserves: +300% to Free XP for 1 hour
20 1 day of WoT Premium Account
30 20 Vent Purge Directives
Unique camo
40 20 Stabilizer Greasing directives
1 day of WoT Premium Account
50 20 Orderly Ammo Rack directives
Exclusive medal
1 day of WoT Premium Account



2D Styles

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