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Since just before Christmas, we have had a clan racing league where two teams of Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. E’s race in opposite directions around various routes on different maps.

No shooting is allowed, but ramming is encouraged and there’s no teamwork – they’re racing to win for themselves! It’s been a lot of fun, but one critical aspect of it is knowledge of the racing routes. We are often having ‘practice’ sessions, or going over routes before the start of each race and this interrupts the flow.

A clan member made me aware of a modification, created by Svitman for EBR 105 racing, which paints the route onto the terrain and minimap. This is great! This will not only keep the flow going by making it easier for everybody to understand the racing route, but it will also enable us to create some more interesting routes for the future.

I spent hours over the weekend attempting to reverse engineer the modification, so I may make my own maps, and eventually figured it out. Svitman pointed me in the right direction for getting the routes displaying on the terrain (I needed to remove alpha channels from the .dds files, a process which ought to be done in one click, but isn’t, at least in Photoshop) but it came down to trial and error for how to correctly format the .dds file (BC1 RGB 4bpp, no alpha, no minimaps).

With the process figured out, I have been able to get started on actually painting the routes – a time consuming process which involves me drawing the routes onto the terrain on my iPad, exporting the .png, converting it to .dds on my computer, throwing it into a .wotmod file, booting the game up into an active Team Training session and making notes on what needs tweaking. Then, I start that process all over again making minute changes until it satisfies my OCD. I spent a good three hours just on the terrain route for Cliff yesterday, and then a couple of hours longer for the minimap. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as copy/pasting the layer with the route from the terrain file to the minimap file, as the scaling is different (fun fact: the minimaps aren’t an exact representation of the terrain).

Out of the 17 routes on 16 maps, that’s 1 completed in probably a good 10-12 hours. I estimate the rest will take 4-6 each. So, 64-96 hours just to get the routes we already race! There will of course be new routes to come from this, so it’ll be a nice summer project for me.

If you’re interested, you can find the .wotmod on my Google Drive [HERE] – Just download the .wotmod and put it in Wargaming / World_of_Tanks_EU / mods / 1.x and don’t forget to delete it once you’re done, else you’ll have the terrain and minimap routes in regular battles.

Thank you to Svitman for creating the mod and answering my questions!

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